Tuesday, December 19, 2006

nearing xmas

the order of the month is base training.

getting out the door each night for an hour of low heart rate running is the goal, and the best way to make sure this happens is not to stop when i get home.

walk in the door.
say hello to whoever is in the house.
check email.
eat clif bar.
put on running clothes.
download podcasts.
put on running shoes.

it is dark earlier for another two days which means more running in the dark. the same route each night allows me to turn off the brain and go through the motion, adding valuable base miles to the body.

but this is about to change as i take off for barbados on friday. visiting family and running in the sun. it sounds fun, but usually it takes a few days for me to acclimatize to the heat. easy hour runs here become draining 25 minute battles with heat and sweat there.

i am running on routine right now. get things done. like now. time to adjust training schedules for the frontrunners' clinics that start when i get back. and marking. and prepping. and packing.

and running.

happy whatever it is you enjoy at this time of year.