Thursday, September 03, 2009


Having felt a little twinge in the hamstring nearing the end of Sunday's workout, I have tried to be the smart athlete and take some down time to allow it to heal.  My training has been solid for the past few weeks and a few days of rest and easy running is not going to affect the 8k in October.  So with that in mind, I have gone out for an easy run (where I ran into Gord and Sarah, in whose basement I used to reside) and gone to the mainland an back to watch Sonja's defense of her Masters thesis on internet usage in BC classrooms.  It is always amazing to watch people who excel at something, whether it is a pianist playing Beethoven, a swimmer slicing through a 400m freestyle, or an Ethiopian gliding effortlessly over the ground.  To watch Sonja in the academic environment was humbling and inspiring, as she was able to converse easily and with incredible depth about the work she had done, yielding no ground to the examiners and impressing them with her study and her understanding of the subject.  She is now a full fledged Masters of Arts (MA), and I am a proud future-husband.

Speaking of future husbands, congrats to Adamo and Lauren!   It has been a good couple of days around Victoria and and tomorrow I will ease back into things and see how the hammy is going.