Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring in the air?

The car thermometer read 18 degrees at one point today while out shopping for copious amounts of wonderful, fresh food. The weekend has been everything that the week was not - open, sunny, welcoming, and warm. Today is a day where the decision to be on the left coast is justified - you just have to get through 6 months of rain to remember.

Yesterday morning was track workout which went surprisingly well. In shorts for the first time this year, I was pumped to be with the group, circling the track. That was until I found out that I was in the "You haven't been on the track yet" group, which meant instead of fun 200s and 400s, I had the dreaded 10 x 400m workout. The clouds loomed on the horizon, ready to release a torrent of furious rain upon us. (I may or may not be exaggerating a little).

Coach John wanted me to start out running low 70s and the descend to 69s for the 400s. I obliged with a controlled 73 on the first repeat. Having not run at with any pace in a while now, I found myself a little tight and rigid, but aerobically, I was in control of my running. The next few I focussed on control and form, coming in around 73 and 74, respectively. It was then, around the fourth and fifth repeat, that I found myself loosening up. With the increased range of motion, I found myself moving with more fluidity and beginning to have some fun. I knocked of a 70 and then three 69s before closing out the workout with a 67. These times are good for what I have done, but are still not where I was at this time last year. However, that is ok. The sun is back out and the promise of training and trails is exciting.

What else is exciting is that my old training partner and friend Brent McMahon won the New Orleans 70.3 triathlon this weekend, and teammates Graeme Wilson and Ynuk Bosse went 1-2 at the BC Half-marathon Championships on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. Congrats to you all!