Monday, February 23, 2009

On the tready road again...

There were many people and it was very hot. I thought that the resolutioners were suppose to leave after reading week, which was last week. But no! They were out in full force tonight and taking up lots of space, which forced me to alter my plans.

I had wanted to get in a workout and then go to the treadmill, but since there was one just opening up, I didn't want to lose my chance - especially since it had a TV in front of it. I had hoped that the Canucks were going to be playing, but when I went to sportsnet, I ended up watching the Team 1040 radio show! The irony of securing a TV to watch radio. But I digress...

I haven't been running much of late because I have been quite busy. With the postponement of Terry, I have been slow to get back into training or any regular schedule. The loss of a goal has lowered the incentive and raised the inertia. I am also realizing just how close some races are and how I won't be ready for them (read: the Sun Run and Times Colonist 10k, both in April). I am not concerned about not being ready - I will still race them - but as I won't be on pace for a PB, the aforementioned inertia is slowly taking up residence in my backside.

The foot is feeling fine. but not perfect. The 25 minutes I spent on the treadmill tonight was no problem. I wasn't pushing it at all, holding around 5:00/km and feeling fine. Just for kicks and higgles, I threw it up to 3:44/km for the last 35 seconds and almost got spat out the back; a little reminder that it takes time to regain form.

At snowshoeing last week, I was part of the run/walk group and that felt good, especially since we were out for about 90 minutes. It wasn't that taxing aerobically, but the foot felt good in the stabilizing snowshoe and the soft surface that snow provides. I am still a week or two from the road, and maybe three weeks from actual VFAC workouts, but the road has been cleared of snow (unless you are out east) and I am starting down it.

In other news, if you still want to run across the country, check out Steve's blog - he's looking for running buddies!

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