Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Run Swim Run

I have never participated in an Aquathlon, but today was my mini-version. After 2.5 days of icing and traumeel, my foot was feeling better so I tried out a short run. Sonja was at Brighton pool when I got home from teaching, so I ran down to meet her there. The pool is about 10 minutes away and it is amazing - the view of the North Shore is incredible. We swam (read: waded and splashed) for about 20 minutes and then made our way home. The run home didn't feel as smooth, but there was no pain in the foot which is great news as it means I will go to workout tomorrow night and that the two days of rest will not turn into ten.

Oh, and Vancouver is experiencing Ontario-like weather, which makes Sonja happy, but reminds me of days on the track in Hamilton with Jon Moncreiff, dropping 5 pounds during workout. This is not what I signed up for, but I am sure it will soon be 21 degrees with a cool breeze.
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