Friday, June 11, 2010

7% improvement using 7systems!

Even though I have not updated this much recently, I am still around and ready to help out friends who are doing amazing things.  A few years ago a few friends of mine, over a few drinks, hatched a plan to develop the most comprehensive training supplement in the world. 

They did it.  And this is their contest.  I use and believe in the product.  Check out the stories of people who were able to improve themselves by 7%!

It’s time to VOTE for the person you want to see as a finalist in the 7SYSTEMS DO MORE contest to see who can improve their race time by 7% over last year!

Eleven athletes believe they can DO MORE this season and are looking for a little help from 7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement. All of the athlete stories are posted online and now it’s your job to vote for the athlete you believe can DO MORE. Simply log in at and then read each athlete’s story, and VOTE.

7SYSTEMS endurance sport supplement contains over 60 key ingredients. Tested by high performance athletes, 7SYSTEMS is being credited by many athletes as a factor in their success. It simple terms, many athletes feel that 7SYSTEMS helps them DO MORE. Find our more at

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