Thursday, January 02, 2014


I feel as though I need to contribute to the conversation in more than 140 characters.


I considered starting this blog anew, archiving running posts and beginning with education. I haven't been running much lately, more daddy-ing and teaching these days. But when I think of my students and their digital footprint, their online persona, I need to consider mine. This blog as has been around for a long time and despite the name change (from Madly Running Around to Constantly Learning), this blog reflects me in different times and spaces. For these reasons, I have left all my previous writing up, free to be read by any and all visitors.

I have added some of links to the sidebar and would encourage you to find something that looks interesting and investigate.

The hope I have for the reintroduction of this blog is to provide a space where I can think visibly about issues I am confronted with, mostly education related with a sprinkling of parenting and running thrown in to keep things somewhat interesting. I have had chance to read many interesting blogs, tweets, and articles about education in the past couple of years and look forward to adding my $0.02. I encourage you, dear reader, to add comments and thoughts; this blog will hopefully elicit discussion and connection more than pontification (although the new pope has impressed me thus far).

I'll be back soon. I have PISA on my mind.

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