Monday, October 09, 2006

The Race is run

The cold, wet day didn't enliven the spirits of many, but it did not hold back many people from having breakthrough days. People like Nik Southwell winning the Half-Marathon, Adam Campbell running his first marathon, girlfriend alongside on a bike cheering whenever she could, and finishing under 2:30 for third place, and Steve Osaduik, breaking the course record and serving notice that there are two great marathoners coming off the Island (Jon Brown nothwithstanding).

Myself, I ran well. I went out conservatively, hitting my pace after two kilometers. I ran through 5k well, maintainting the split I wanted. Between 5k and 10k, I was running with a couple of people and keying off them. They were great, but I found that I was 15 seconds slow when I got to 10k, so I pushed from there. This is where things get tough.

7k later, one gentleman I was running with, Arturo, who is a very accomplished race walker with a 33 minute (or faster) 10k to his credit, passed me. At 10k, I knew I needed to be faster, so I had picked up the pace. I went for it, leaving Arturo and the other man, Tom, behind me.

Had I stayed with Arturo, I might have finished even faster, not having expended extra energy by running on my own. Regardless, I left the my race on the course and for that I am happy. Arturo pulled me through some tough sections around 17k, and ended up finishing about 20 seconds ahead of me.

1:15:48 is my official finishing time. A new Personal Best, which I am happy to have reached. I would have loved a 1:15:00, but that is a little optimistic still. My finishing time is more realistic.

I am looking forward to some base training and some trail racing now. A successful season has come to a close with new PBs in the 10k, half and full marathon. I am appreciative to all the race organizers, run leaders, friends, family, and training partners that allowed me to have such a fun season.

See you in the trails!
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