Sunday, October 08, 2006

Race Morning

The toque is on, and the rain falls gently - at least that is what the internet says (for confirmation I will have to open the door).

Today is the last "real" race of the season for me and it has been a great ride this year.  Off a solid base training phase over the last winter, I have run better than I have ever run before.  A new PR in the 10k, a new PR in the marathon, and today, if everything goes well, a new PR in the half-marathon.

75 minutes is not even a movie.  I hope to cover 21.1km in that time.  It is an ambitious goal, but the mileposts along the way have been favourable.  I am going to run on feel, while keeping an eye on my splits.  3:33/km is what I need to hold.  A 17:50 5k, a 35:40 10k, and then hold.  Aracade Fire is cheering me on from within the computer, as I finish my pre-race routines.  

Wake Up before the alarm
Turn on music
Check weather
Eat half a banana
Double check laid out clothing
Get dressed
Drink Water
Pack race line kit
Drink water
Eat a Clif an hour before the race
Jog to start line

The toque is on.  The rain still falls.  Last time I set PR at the Royal Victoria Marathon, it was a cold, rainy day.  Things are looking good from over here.  Time to open the door.
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