Thursday, October 11, 2007

Post-post marathon musings...

  • I am recovering well. That may be due to the (very) slow last quarter of a marathon.
  • I am making sure I am not overdoing it. 3 x 25 minutes so far this week.
  • Jerry Ziak, who ran a 2:17 marathon, also had issues while running the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.
  • There are some ENDURrun athletes going to Boston, which means more fun for me!
  • There is NOWHERE around here that is flat. Even recovery runs are hilly.
  • Work doesn't stop for running.
  • The painting/fixing of our place is almost done, which means a clean house for us!
  • K'naan cancelled his show in Van. That sucks.
  • Craig Cardiff and pretty much all of the Arts and Crafts label are coming to Van in the next month. That is cool.
  • The new Radiohead is quite good. And they are touring in '08.
  • Read Jazz's blog. He is racing Kona this weekend.
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