Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Warrior

Well, maybe not a warrior, but it was a great weekend of running.

This is the first weekend in a while that I didn't have a race or any other type of commitment. I took advantage of this by going over to the North Shore and exploring some trail there.

Saturday was a light 35 minutes around Lynn Creek Valley and this morning was an hour or so exploring the route of the Hallow's Eve trail race, which occurs in a couple of weeks. I found a suspension bridge and Twin Falls - pretty incredible sights. Not the single track like Thetis, but a good place to go (and only 15 minute drive away)!

The legs feel quite good, but no intensity for another week, then I will build back to 2 hour trail jaunts. Motivation is good and body is feeling good.

And mad props to Sam McGlone and Jasper Blake, for different reasons. Sam for being a stud and coming second in her first Ironman (oh, it was the World Championships) and to Jasper for going for it, even if it didn't work out this time.
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