Thursday, May 15, 2008


There was sun and warmth today.  

While my run was satisfying, it wasn't as great as Liam's pre-Ottawa jaunt.  I went out on my normal evening run route, along the Trans-Canada Trail and put in the loop of a public par 3, 9-hole golf course.  I also threw in some pick-ups in preparation for the half-marathon in Penticton on Sunday.  Things felt ok, but I am coming to the end of my cleanse now and I am excited to eat some comfort food and to start my 7systems recovery supplements again.  It is surprising how much I felt the difference not having them, and it is a testament to the importance of having the right minerals, vitamins, and other stuff in your body to allow it to recover well, thus allowing peak performance.  I am curious to see how I feel as I reintroduce to my daily routine.  With all that said, I will quote the quotable Mr. Trevor Millar - "It doesn't matter if you feel good, just run hard.  Feeling good is a bonus."

I guess I will have to run hard.  We'll see how things feel as the race I really want to run well is two weeks from now - the Iron Knee 25k.

As I am camping I will not have internet access for the long weekend, so be good out there.  

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