Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coming to you from somewhere new....

Yes, at this time, I am writing to you from my new Macbook.  I went to the Vancouver Apple Store tonight to get it, but the one I was going to buy was sold out by the time I arrived.   Ten minutes before I arrived to be exact.  I wanted to get the 2.4 ghz Macbook, but had been waffling over it as the only true advantage was the backlit keyboard, which I don't think that I would ever really need.  There is a larger hard drive and slightly faster processor, but I can upgrade the hard drive later and the processor won't make a difference for what I use the computer for.  So, after sucking it up, I got the more inexpensive version and I am happy for that.  It was the smarter, but not as sexy, choice.  So, I am writing to you from the new Macbook and I am happy.

Oh yeah, the 8k went well.  My shoe came untied - rookie mistake.  I raced in new flats without trying them first (they are little small) - rookie mistake.  But the race went well and I ended up running 27:27, mostly to impress Sonja's parents who were there for the race.  I pushed hard but didn't dig deep.  I am pleased with the race and the result.  Tonight's VFAC workout was 2 x 3 miles along the seawall in the dark and rain.  I went 16:26 on the first (with the wind) and 17:05 on the second.  I was on my own the whole time and was not very motivated as there was a new Macbook in my trunk I wanted to get home to play with it.  Things are coming along nicely and I am looking forward to getting back into the trails this weekend.  I am also going to race a cross country race on Sunday - good times!

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