Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Brief Update

As in short, not as in underpants (although I just picked up some new Icebreaker merino wool ones - fantastic, let me tell you!).

Running has been going well.  I did not race this past weekend as I was in Whistler with Sonja and her parents.  It was a relaxing weekend, and gave me a little rest from the race circuit.  However, the VFAC workout on last Thursday was encouraging.  It was 4 miles followed by 2 x 1 mile.  I held about 3:30/km on the 4 miles and then the mile repeats were 5:06 and 5:02 along the seawall in the first moments of night.  The workout felt good and Coach John was pleased, but when I got home and looked at the times in comparison to times from earlier this year, I wasn't as encouraged.  However, that is my being unrealistic and wanting to be ahead of where I am.  It is good for me to remind myself at moments like this to be patient and not look at any of the races happening in the next few weeks, but in February and March.  

In the recovery portion of the blog post I get to say that the foot is about 97% pain free.  I feel very small twinges every so often, but never anything that I would term "pain".  I will start to introduce runs on back to back days next week, three months after the fracture occurred.  That is something I must remind myself - I am only three months removed from sitting on the side of a road watching people run by me as my foot rested on the back bumper of a Ford F150.  To be running 5 minute miles in a workout ain't that bad.  

This weekend is the Royal Victoria 8k.  Having done their marathon twice and the half-marathon four times, this will be a drop down in distance for me during this weekend running extravaganza.  I have not done the 8k before and I am looking forward to it, especially after learning that Liam will be competing in it as well.  I am not sure of what time to expect, but if I am around 28 minutes, I will be pleased.  27:30 would be amazing, but I am getting ahead of myself in thinking about that time.  Patience, young grasshopper.


Joe said...

Glad you're back out running. Hope the foot continues to improve.


Michael said...

Talk to us, how was it... what's next? BCs?