Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The long retreat

The snow is taking its time in leaving, making sure that we are not to forget its impact anytime soon. In the meantime, I have been back in the gym, back to Turbulence Training, taking this opportunity to do a mini-strength focus while the footing on the trails is less than ideal. Once I was back running I no longer kept up with my strength training, my focus having shifted on getting back my running fitness, but I am once again enjoying the strength program. I am becoming better at chin ups and core strength activities, but I am not loving lunges. I think it is because our gym is small and cramped so it forces me to do my lunges starting in front of the women's changeroom, past the machines, avoiding the front desk and ending up in the cardio area, only to turn around and begin my slow walk back to the women's changeroom. Alas, they are important and must be done.

So it has been gym time for me of late.

In Marathon of Hope news, rumours say that there were about 200 entries to participate which means most of the videos must have been marked as private on youtube. A mass email was sent out today with a letter from Darrell Fox thanking us for our interest and that it will be 2- 3 weeks before we here about the next stage of the process. So, that is all I know. I know that there are amazing submissions out there so I am very interested in seeing who the 12 will be.
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