Saturday, January 10, 2009

Terry Fox Marathon of Hope 2009

I know that I have shared with everyone the video that I have submitted for the Marathon of Hope.

And I have shared the email that went out in December as a call for people to participate.

Well, the deadline was on Thursday and there are a number of public videos now posted. The stories are amazing. Wow. What an incredible group of people willing to take this challenge on and they each have incredible reasons. I really hope that I am able to share the road with some of them, but if I am not selected to participate, they will have my complete support.

I have watched about 35-40 videos so far and wanted to share a few. While my video has a serious message, which may belie my more Jasper Blake-like outgoing/kid/weirdo side, I wanted to express the reverence I hold for Terry and what he did. The following videos do the same but in different ways. Enjoy. (And I recommend watching them in HIGH QUALITY if it allows you to - you'll see the little link to the bottom right of the video if you can.)

Steve Gaul was an ENDURrun finisher this summer. I encourage you to listen to his incredible story.

I do not know Dave Thomas, but I wished I worked for him.

And Ferg Hawke. Holy crap! He has run some of the hardest races on earth and done well. And he has DEAN KARNAZES giving him props, as the kids say. Wow. And a slick video.

If you want to see all the videos, I found that searching using the terms Marathon of Hope 2009 and Terry Fox Application will find you most of the them (you will find different ones when you use the two).

Finally, just so everyone knows, I do think that I would be a great fit for this, obviously, but I am just blown away by the stories of the lives of the other applicants. Makes you wonder about how many untold stories there are at the start line of every race...
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