Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nice to meet you

Fatigue, meet Brad.

Brad, meet fatigue.

I think you have both met before, but it might have been a while ago. You may not remember each other, but I am sure you have crossed paths. Maybe last March? Before that trip out east to Boston? Yeah, that one. Right....good, I am glad that you both have the chance reconnect.

My first tempo in about 5 months occurred today, after a rest day after two back-to-back long runs of 1:45. It was an interesting 20 minutes as I tried to hold 3:30 pace on a loop around Kensington Park (for anyone that might know Burnaby). It was a good run in the sense that I finally got back into a sustained effort, but a difficult one as I never felt like I hit a rhythm. However, that might be a good thing as Jay is talking about not allowing himself to feel comfortable on his tempos and he is running ridiculously fast. So maybe my lack of rhythm is a good thing?

An easy run tomorrow and then dinner with Sonja's friend downtown, and then Thursday night VFAC workout the next day. I wonder what Coach John has up his sleeve....
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