Monday, August 28, 2006

Jasper Wins Ironman Canada!!

I ran some of my toughest training runs with Jasper this summer in preparation for the ENDURrun.  We ran at Elk/Beaver Lake (a 10k trail loop) where we were holding 3:50/km for a given period of time (my two runs with him were for 90 minutes and 2 hours - he did many more).  Running with him worked well as Jasper was training for Ironman Canada and 3:50/km was his goal pace for the marathon.

Well, on the strength of a 2:48 marathon, Jasper won his first Ironman title this weekend!  I am so proud of him and this amazing accomplishment.  His dedication to his training, and the way he takes care of all the details (recovery, stretching, icing, nutrition, etc) is inspiring.

Jasper Blake - 2006 Ironman Canada Champion!

Wel done Jazz!  Check out for more details.


Billy Jack said...

Hey Bradley,

Isn't it about time to post again?


PS Miss you and the rest of the gang

Anonymous said...

your an odd duck mr.cunningham