Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tomorrow is one month

July 14th. Iceland.

Today was good. I saw Day on Monday for an adjustment. She said I was a car wreck, but she fixed me. Somewhat.

I have felt heavy and tired recently. I wondered why until I saw that last week I ran for 8 hours. That makes sense. However, all fatigue aside, I have been running well. My standard Marina run has been consistently a minute faster at the same heart rate. This is encouraging, but I need to tend the tenderness of my lower right leg, specifically in my achilles. More stretching and massage needed. When is it not needed?

I may or may not be running as part of a relay at the NB 1/2 IronMan triathlon this weekend. I will find out soon, but I won't be racing it. It will be a training day, similar to the one with Jazz a week or so ago. And then Whistler.

Thank the sweet sweet lord the race is not up the mountain.

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