Tuesday, July 03, 2007

One before I go...

Packing takes a lot of time.

School ended well. I have been running. I did two hours at Mt. Work on Sunday and two hours with Adamo today at Thetis. Jazzy helped me out with some nutrition stuff for Iceland and the clock is ticking incessantly and moving and leaving.

The past few runs have felt incredibly good. I had to slow myself down yesterday, but Adamo made sure I was slow at the end of today's Thetis adventure.

Everything is laid out for the race. I even practiced taking pictures while running to make sure I could do it well. 25 seconds for two pictures. This is an example from the summit of Mt. Work. I will definitely be bringing my camera with me on the course.

For those interested, Comfortably Numb went well. Adamo (seems like this post is an ode to Adamo) won the race with his goatlike ability to climb hills. I ran the course 4 minutes faster than I did last year, coming in third, but it was a great finish - four runners within one minute of each other. And all four runners were under the previous course record. A great last race before the biggie.

I will be updating more while I am on the road (I promise) and I may stray away from running content, so please stay tuned...
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