Sunday, July 15, 2007

A quick note...

As I sit in the departure lounge of the Keflavik Airport I wanted to give a quick update, with a larger one (with pics) to follow.

The race went well. I finished in 9th, in 5 hours 29 minutes and 31 seconds. The winner was 4:49. I was happy with the result and the race as a whole although my desire to run 50 miles or longer has been tempered. I think I will stick with 50k races for now (or shorter).

The weather was great, the view both amazing and desolate, and I am able to walk today. Actually, my body held up relatively well after the race and I can walk relatively normally. is the website for full results (click the british icon in the top right for english).


Anonymous said...

Nice work Bradley Thomas!

Now go enjoy your vacation.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. I may be a wee bit biased (wee bit?) but 9th of 133 may deserve slightly better than "The race went well". Maybe "A smashing debut young man!" would work. :-) Great race and have a wonderful time in Europe.

B's D

tre said...

Yeah B-rad.
We're so proud! Glad you had a successful race. You rock!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation - not too much running around I hope =)

K. Lata
Jen xo

Ps: Trevor thinks you look fat (phat) in the pics.

Ways of the Warrior said...

Congrats Brad! Nice work.


Anonymous said...

You truly amaze us - Congratulations !
What a great way to start your vacation - enjoy yourselves.

S's M&D