Sunday, September 02, 2007

Burnaby or bust...

I am not sure if I am allowed to say that once I have arrived somewhere, but I just did.

Burnaby has been good thus far. I have discovered the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) that runs right across the bottom of my street. In one direction it goes up hill and the other direction leads me toward Vancouver proper. There are some fun hily single track trails just off the TCT which I explored yesterday. Tonight was a slightly rainy run over Ironworkers Memorial Bridge into the North Shore. I ended up right near the hotel that Rozee and crew stayed at a couple of years ago for the Iron Knee race. This was a great marker for me because I now know I am only 15 minutes running from there, which means I can run to some trails relatively quickly.

But dinner is cooking and unpacking is still occurring. I am going to try to update more regularly now that I am starting to settle in. The RVM is only 5 weeks away today, so tomorrow sees two hours with an hour of tempo and an hour of goal pace.


Anonymous said...

And the next stage begins...
Welcome to your new home.
B's D

Billy Jack said...


Luck you've got trails close by. I just have Trout Lake which hardly counts for much.

Enjoiy your new start!