Friday, August 24, 2007


From the 416 to the 905 (with a little 519 thrown in there)

Onterrible isn't that terrible. It has been very humid, but not bad. Running has been alright. I keep forgetting that heat takes a bit out of you.

Being back with the sister in Toronto has been awesome. Time in London was great as well, finding out some of my oldest friends have been infected by an alien and spent some wonderful time with the Weaver clan.

I had the chance to see Kate and Stefan Timms - Kate is wonderfully pregnant and looking beautiful. I also picked up some more 7Systems, so I am ready to take on the world.

Now that I am back in Canada, the move to Vancouver is becoming more real. August 28th is the day we take our stuff from Victoria and truck it on a ferry over to the mainland. I have a lot to do in terms of the move, so while it will be fun to play house, I am a little overwhelmed with it all.

Oh, if any Victorians are going to the Fringe Festival, you really need to check out The Fugitives. They really are amazing! Reaaallllyyy! These are their times - check the program for the venue...

Vancouver BC
Performance Poetry/Music • 45 mins • $9 / $8
Ages 12+
Sat, Aug 25 • 6:00 PM
Sun, Aug 26 • 7:15 PM
Mon, Aug 27 • 7:45 PM
Wed, Aug 29 • 10:15 PM
Thu, Aug 30 • 5:00 PM
Sun, Sept 2 • 3:30 PM
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