Saturday, June 28, 2008

My New Career Aspiration

Sonja and I went to Cirque du Soliel last night.  We were treated to a wonderful performance of their Corteo show.  It is a little more traditional circus (complete with little people and a giant) than other Cirque shows, but I enjoyed that aspect.  I was amazed at what could be put together underneath a tarp - the mechanics of the stage and set were incredible.  Overall, an amazing show and it doesn't lessen my desire to join the circus (or at least an adult gymnastics club).

Thursday's VFAC workout went well.  We did the 1 7/8 mile loop.  I will have to look back at my log to see what my times were last time, but the first loop was 9:32 and the second loop was 9:42.  Good times considering 1/3 of the of loop is uphill.  I was pleased with the workout, especially since my legs were a little heavy after running downhill from SFU in Tuesday.  

It also seems as thought summer has arrived.  I know this because I am officially done school (although unofficially I have some work to do this summer in order to be prepared for September) and because the forecast is for beauty for the next week!

Time to go run.  

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