Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why do I do this to myself?

Running makes sense.  Most of the time.  You move forward.  Quickly, some of the time.  Left, Right, Left.  Arms move opposite to your legs.  The faster you go, the harder it is.  But, for running, I would suggest that is about it as far as basic technique is concerned.

Golf is a different story.  You do the same thing twice and you get enormously different results.  Since there is a different result, something must have changed.  The change,  however, is so miniscule that it is not noticed by the uneducated golfer (read: me).  It is this lack of reproducibility that causes the cusses to come out shortly after every second swing.

Sonja joined a third of the NWSS staff at our golf tournament today.  Surviving the shop-talk that occurs whenever teachers are within shouting range of each other, she acquitted herself very well on the course, winning the men's long drive hole.  I, on the other hand, had disdain for any club that didn't have a P or 6 on it.  Losing 4 balls on an 18 hole executive course has got to be some sort of record.

I enjoy golf.  And sometimes, for two shots in a row, I am good at golf.  But I would much rather play speed golf than go out for four hours on a true 18 hole course.  I guess part of that is the fact that I take over 100 strokes during a real round of golf, so I am pretty emotionally drained from swearing so much.  I would like to take lessons on how to swear less, but it is difficult to make the time.  But soon, I hope.

Our group of four did alright this afternoon.  Sonja and I are comparable in skill; in fact, we complement each other well with her ability off the tee and my short game.  We were not the best team, but we were not the worst.  We had fun, which is important, but what I really want is to figure out how to put together more than two good shots in a row.

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