Sunday, June 29, 2008


Terry at SFU

Terry in Victoria

and the living is easy.  

With the sun out and finally showing off its strength, I ran to Terry again.  This time, however, I left the road and followed the Trans-Canada Trail to the top of Burnaby Mountain.  It was a run which never felt good, but was neither slow nor bad.  I hit a rhythm pretty quickly and just held it for the duration of the 84 minute run.  I am definitely getting in some more hills, but with the Knee Knacker in less than two weeks, I am going to need every hill I can get.

Sonja and I are heading out for a couple days of camping at Golden Ears Provincial Park.  It is about an hour from here, but it is in the middle of the mountains (how cool is that?).  I am excited to run some of the trails there as it is a regular venue for the 5 Peaks Trail Race Series.  In preparation I  have some printed off some maps and will have my trusty Garmin 405 compass in case I get lost.  


Anonymous said...

I've taken over polishing duties on Terry's foot from you, shining up nicely. Oft to Calgary for the half next week, please be cool and wet, I've had no practice in the "heat" till this week. Good luck with the Knee Knacker and Enduro. Richard.

Anonymous said...

Watch this: