Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 6

Six days already!  Wow, time flies when you have a broken foot.

Seriously, the time has gone quickly.  I have been watching the Tour de France, rehabbing as best I can, and getting school preparation done.  I have also hobbled around a little, but I mean a little.  It ain't easy.

BUT!!!  I am hobbling almost flat-footed now.  I am hoping to hear back about my x-rays tomorrow, and go from there.  I also did a core workout two days ago and I am almost over the pain as a result of that workout.  Almost.

Off to watch the Giro di Burnaby, a bike race that occurs near our house each year.  Hangin' out with the Italians, eating pasta and gelato, watching cycling.  Feels like last year when we were in the real Italy!

The most important thing, though - the foot felt better today and yesterday.

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