Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Foot Update

Just a quick update about how the foot is progressing.  I iced it for the first 72 hours and I have now moved into contrast baths.  That means that I have a cooler full of ice water and a bowl full of warm water beside each other.  I put my foot in the warm water for 5 minutes and then the cold water for 1 minute.  I continue this, taking 1 minute off the warm water each time until I am down to 1 minute warm and 1 minute cold.  This is done to increase circulation to the area, which from what I have read, is the limiting factor in healing as that part of the body does not receive very much blood flow.  It is way better than the straight icing which made my foot go hypothermic (I know, only the whole body can have hypothermia, but it seemed like it might spread).

Each day has been better than the last thus far and that is good news.  The foot still is a bit sore, but has noticeably improved from Saturday.  I saw my chiropractor, Dr. Tod Pelly, today and after his inspection he commented that the foot was much better than what he thought he was going to see.  I was able to get a copy of my x-rays for him, so I will know more quite soon.  I was definitely disappointed when he said no to swimming; I have no idea what I am going to do for cardio with biking and swimming (and water running) not being options for me.  I guess it is core and flexibility for a month.

I will post more updates as continue to progress, but thus far I am in good spirits and quite optimistic about my recovery time.  The tough thing is that there isn't much to do except wait for it to heal, so I will do what I can to aid the body in that process.

And thanks to everyone for sending messages of sympathy.  While this does suck, I also realize that in the grand scheme of things, a little fractured bone in my foot isn't all that bad. 

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