Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And we're here...

We have some intermittent internet here so I will post when I can.  

After crazy flights and running across Terminal 1 of Toronto to catch a flight that was leaving without us, we ended up in Barbados only two hours behind schedule, but a little more worn.  

Barbados has been nothing short of spectacular so far - clear ocean water, white sand, sun with just enough cloud to give a short respite from the heat.  

I went for my first run today.  The traffic here is a little more crazy than I remember, but fortunately we are close to the Garrison race track, a thoroughbred race track with a running trail around the interior.   A three minute jaunt up to the track and a few loops around the less traveled roads around the track and back to finish with a 15 minute barefoot run along the beach - a 54 minute run in all.  I kept it very controlled and slow so as to not overheat on the first day and and so that I would feel good at the end, but how can you not feel good when your run ends in the Caribbean Sea?

That's right, it can't.

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