Saturday, December 20, 2008

En Route...

 Sonja and I sit in the departure lounge of YVR wondering if the snow storms will subside prefectly and allow us free passage through to Barbados.  Yes, that's right...Barbados.  I know some of you are jealous, but don't feel too badly - I will think of you when I am running sans chemise.  Did you know that YVR has free internet?  I KNOW!  It must be one of the only Canadian airports to have allow its passengers the opportunity to surf without gouging them.

For the flight I have two peanut butter and jam sandwhiches, some Camino chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Berries, almonds, and movies (Revenge of the Sith, Strictly Ballroom, and I rented Run, Fat Boy, Run from iTunes which was an altogether painless process).  

I also ran into the venerable Kelly Guest, an unexpected Christmas treat, as he and Amy head back to London to see what real snow looks like.  What was even odder than seeing Kelly was finding a random copy of The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior lying on the table where you are supposed to bag your liquids before going through security.  What makes it odd is that about five years ago Kelly told me to read that book.  I did.  And while it doesn't reach its claim to be life changing, it is a thoughtful book and one that should be sitting randomly on a table outside security in an airport, waiting for someone to pick it up.  I left it for that person to find.

I am not sure what internet access I will have in Barbados, but I will update the blog when I can.  I would like to take this chance to wish everyone who follows my humble blog (and thanks to those who have recently let me know!), a safe and wonderful holiday season.  

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