Sunday, December 14, 2008

Four seconds

A lot can happen in four seconds.

You can take a picture that will change the world.  

You can flip through 8 channels.

You can make a buzzer beating basket.

You can run 10 meters.

You can die.

Sorry for the seemingly melodramatic ending to that, but tonight four seconds, 10 meters, separated me from the car traveling 120 km/hr over the curb and into a tree.  I didn't see it coming as I was running west along the Hastings St sidewalk uphill.  What was unseen was a Dodge Viper weaving through traffic, losing control, careening toward the sidewalk at a 45 degree angle at over 100 km/hr.  I heard it and everything was done in less than 2 seconds.  From out of my peripheral vision into my path, the car jumped the curb, bounced of one tree and ricocheted off another back into traffic, crumpling and losing tires and panels in the process.  I came to a stop, confused at how the car could be driving at that angle on that street and, then a moment later, how the person in the car was able to walk away unscathed.  It was only in speaking to another witness a few minutes later that I came to understand the reckless driving that lead to the event and how lucky I am to be at home and not in the hospital.  Her words were "You are the luckiest person in the world right now.  I thought he was going to hit you."  Apparently someone was looking out for me.  

Thank you.

I am fine because I really didn't see the event unfold.  Had I seen the car coming at me and been unable to move and/or just got out of the way, I might be a little more shaken, but as it is, it looked like a movie and similarly to watching a film, I feel a certain distance from it.  But when I got home I thought things through a little.  If I was looking for a sign about what to do, I don't think I could have received a stronger one than this.  So, as it stands at this moment, I am working on my application for the Marathon of Hope 2009, with the caveat that there are many things between now and January 8th that may necessitate that I not apply.  Until those things materialize, if they materialize, I am going to put my name into the ring.  Whether it gets chosen is another thing, but once in a lifetime means that you only get one chance.  Seems like tonight I was given my chance.
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