Friday, August 17, 2007

Back at my first home

Ontario isn't that bad. At least it wasn't last night, but we will see what the weekend has in store.

We arrived back in Toronto without too much hassle, but we still haven't seen our bags since Madrid three days ago. As I am heading up to an annual cottage weekend with university friends, the bags are (hopefully) being delivered to Sonja's house in London.

If you are in Victoria and haven't heard about the superfast 10k at Oak Bay on September 1st, you should go. The fast boys (read: Jim Finlayson et al.) are looking to go sub-30 minutes for 10k, and it will be fun to watch. 7pm. Free. What could be better? Go to for more details.

Other than that I am feeling good and excited to be home and start some real running. Picked up a new pair of Glycerins from my old running store in Hamilton, Runner's Den ( and I will put them to immediate use today at the cottage. Nothing like going for a run in the sweltering heat of southern ontario only to plunge into a brisk lake. It is good to be home.

If you haven't been following the ENDURrun, you should check out the site today as it is nearing the end. Only three stages left!
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