Thursday, August 09, 2007

Barcelona and some shameless plugs

Firstly, everyone should go to and Two very incredible endeavours being launched by my good friends. Trust me, both are worth it.

Running more consistently now. Heel is still hurting a little, but I am managing it fine. It is much shorter to Oct 7th than it seems right now.

I went for a jog around Barcelona today. I ran up a hill. It is a huge park with roads and gondolas heading up its slopes.

It is an incredible view from up there. But what do you think lies beneath this view.

YES! One of the most beautiful pools I have ever seen. It is their "Municipal" Pool.

Continuing my run around the park, I happened across this....

Yes, the Olympic Flame (which was not burning). For those that saw the lighting of the flame in 92, it is even more impressive to see how that guy hit that from so far away (he shot an arrow).

And the chance to see the olympic stadium was very inspiring.

But there is not only the one Municipal Pool in this park, but they also have the OLYMPIC POOL. Man, for all the trials of hosting the Olympics, they do leave behind some amazing facilities.

I am now stoked to keep running. Just being around the place where so many incredible people ran is amazing!

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