Friday, August 03, 2007's done.

No. Not my running career.

I couldn't believe it, but with only 30 pages left, I couldn't go on. I fell asleep last night just when Harry.....

But I woke up this morning and finished it. All 607 pages of "children's" fiction are now read. Finally. It is good. And satisfying. But I will say no more.

Today, running started to feel good again. I am little concerned about my right heel, but it seems to be doing alright (read: not getting worse). About 50 minutes booting around Paris trying to get a little lost. I ran by the main train station and then down to the River Seine. Ran along the riverside walk for a while before finding my way into a long tunnel leading to the street. It was about 2km long and the darkness and solitary nature contrasted the bright and bustling streets I had just be cruising along. I was listening to a podcast about marathoning and I definitely had a moment of quiet reflection; my footfalls pacing the story of a person's struggle through a marathon. I felt like a runner again.

If you are interested in more pictures from the trip, you can follow this link.
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