Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Falling darkness

The past two runs have been in the afternoon, which is now more like nighttime.  I was out the door by 4:30 for both runs, btu came home in the dark.  The extra hour of sleep was welcomed, but it is time to break out the headlamp again.

Tonight was a 10k tempo which I did up at Lower Seymour.  I had my geeky tech toys ready to go this time, but with the darkness descending my watch became useless and about 4k into the tempo I turned the podcasts off so I could concentrate on the run.  This time, it was my choice to remove the technology.  Feeling a little off at around 5.5k, I decided to run faster.  I had been told once that if you are not feeling good, run faster.  I have tried that in the past without much success, but tonight it worked.  I increased my cadence and focus and the last 4.5k went very smoothly.  The goal was for 3:35-3:40/km, but with the darkness and the watch running out of battery, I haven't yet looked at the splits, but I felt good.

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