Saturday, November 15, 2008

Round and Round we go...

Back to the track this morning for the Saturday edition of the VFAC runaround.  As there is a half-marathon tomorrow, many of the usual faces were absent this morning, but one new one showed up and did quite well in his early return to training.  It was great to have Nick Hastie joining us for 9 x 300m, but what a shock to the system it must have been, as it was definitely one for me.  I saw Nick last week at the Haney to Harrison relay and talked up the VFAC group, so he is "dating" us to see if it works out - but I think it will.  

As mentioned, we were told about the 9 x 300m as John walked onto the track.  The first three had 300m recovery, then next 3 had 200m recovery and the last 3 had 100m recovery, so things were going to progressively get more difficult.  However, when John told me that I was to run 47 seconds for each, I laughed.  That would equate to about a 63 second 400m, which I don't think I can do right now.  However, in that small microchip in John's head, he knew better what I was capable of than I did.  I held 47's for the workout and while I wanted to puke a little after the last one, I completed the workout.

With this past week now in the rearview, I am definitely pleased with where my training is at.  It was a big week of racing and hard training and through it al I have been running the same times as I did last year and not feeling any ill effects of it - either in the foot or elsewhere in the body.   I have two races left on the calendar - the two Gunner Shaws - and after that it is base running and snowshoeing for me until the new year.  I am pleased to have recovered back to the point I was at this time last year AND have times to empirically demonstrate that.  

I hope that the rain holds off tomorrow morning as I head back out into the trails and start to my winter dosage of long, long hills.


Michael said...

Any advice on training for Boston, how bad were the hills?

Unknown said...

My advice would be to make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE heading toward the start line. I saw a guy get DQ'd on his way to the corrals for going pee in a bush. They are ruthless. As a result of the fear of being caught I jumped into a port-a-potty about 6 miles in, which I think hurt me as I cramped up later. The immediate stop and go into a hot booth and then run again couldn't have helped things.

And don't stop at Wellesley to kiss girls. Even is they say "I'm Canadian!". I don't think that helped either.

The hills weren't bad because I was cramping and going slowly by the time I got there, but really, they aren't anything to be worried about. Get some good downhill run training in for the first 6 miles of the race and don't go out too fast.

Oh yeah, get more than one hour sleep the night before as well.