Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Relays Abound

Saturday saw me up at 4:22 am in preparation for my second crack at the Haney to Harrison 100k Relay and Ultra.  For some, my wake up time was their start time as they ran the first 3 hours of their 100k race in the dark.  For those of us who are little less inspired, we were meeting our teammates in Haney, BC for our 6:30am start.

The Haney to Harrison is an 8 person relay that covers the 100k distance between the towns of Haney and Harrison, BC on the rainiest, most miserable November Saturday of the year.  A point to point race, it has a mythical status in BC, with hundreds of teams racing, some for pride, some for glory, and some for ridiculous fun.  VFAC had 4 teams in the race (Open Men, Open Women, Master's Men, Open Mixed).  It ended up being a great day for them all as we had two firsts and two seconds.  My team, the Open Men, ended up second overall on the day after an exciting battle with the Running Room team for the second spot; the first spot was claimed by an all-star team assembled to go for a course record, I can only imagine.  The VFAC Open Women and Master's Men won their divisions and the Open Mixed (men and women) came second.  Coach John was very pleased with his minions after that day.

Today finds me in Victoria preparing for the Thetis Lake Relays.  I have often said that this is one of my favourite races of the year as it brings out most of the island running community and it is always fun to run for people other than yourself.  With that said, I couldn't find anyone to run for other than myself, so I am running by myself.  That's right - team So Low is comprised of me.  The VFAC boys, understandably, didn't want to make the trip over after the long day on the road on Saturday, which left me scrambling to find a team; but on further reflection (and the fact that Coach John had me running an 11k tempo today anyway), I decided to go it alone.  I have never run this one solo, so it will be an exciting day for me!

A few more points, Hicham and Jaymie are making Sonja and I a wonderful breakfast as we speak.  Our friend Drew Mackenzie won the singlespeed World Cyclocross Championships. (I am not sure if that is a good thing or if he will end up getting the requisite tattoo).  And if you live in Victoria, please be sure to get out to vote on November 15.  Visit Runwithrob.ca to see what Rob Reid would do as Mayor of this great city.

Lastly, and moat importantly, take a moment today to remember, reflect, and appreciate.
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