Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

I spent this morning running around Church. For some, the worship of their higher power takes place in a specific building/room/space. I guess I am not any different. While I do not consider myself on overly religious person, when running around Thetis Lake this morning, my breath is offered to whoever created that space and the capacity within us to appreciate it.

I ran a little later this morning, driving out to Thetis with Yoda to join some of the NTC boys for a jaunt through Church. Departing just after 10:00am, we set out to Stewart Mountain before winding our way back to McKenzie Creek Trail and Seaborn Trail. It was a pleasure to show off Thetis to people who had not yet seen some of the most beautiful parts in the park. Another day galloping along the trails - a wonderful resurrection, of sorts.

Duration - 1:27
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