Saturday, April 14, 2007


I have been battling a low-level cough for a week now, trying to be smart about not letting it catch up to me. In the meantime, school has been quite busy, limiting my running this week - so it is like a built-in governor for my training.

Monday was off as it was a nasty day and I was starting to feel not well. Being a holiday played with my routine, and so the run didn't happen.

Tuesday was actually a good day. I went out to Lochside trail after school and ran some 1km repeats. I was surprised at my times and questioned the accuracy of the km markers on Lochside. To make sure I wasn't getting erroneous feedback, I defaulted to the "km" we used when I was training at the centre. No real difference.

4 x 1km on 3 minutes rest
3:10 (default km)

The last km told me I should not attempt the fifth I had planned, and instead, run back and deal with my stomach issues. I now can empathize a little more with Liam when he has to dart off in a middle of a workout.

Wednesday was running with the clinic at school and then the clinic at Frontrunners. Both were easy runs for me, but it was great to see all the dedicated people out, in the final stages of their prep for 10ks, 1/2 marathons, and full marathons.

Thursday saw me at a track meet until 6:00pm and then at a Poetry Reading (with attitude), so I ended up taking Thursday off as well, which was probably good for the health.

Friday, however, was bad for the soul. I got home from school and rolled out the door with the intention of running the TC10k course as a light recovery run. I started near the house and ran out to the turn around near Ross Bay Cemetery. I wasn't feeling great, but the ocean and Olympic Mountains were spectacular. The light was mesmerizing and enchanting and as I turned and headed toward Clover Point, and then Beacon Hill Park, and then Terry Fox, I felt much much better. I was doing some pick ups (small accelerations, not the kind I was never good at with the ladies), and my legs were coming around. But somewhere between Ogden Point and the Legislature Buildings, everything went wrong. I felt heavy, slow, unmotivated and generally pissy. I ended up running back through Beacon Hill where I pulled the plug and walked home, head down, wondering what I was missing. Maybe the low-level cold? Maybe the post-PB letdown? Maybe a little dehydration and small lunch? Likely a little of all of them. I jogged slowly home, not looking forward to the run today.

But man, was the weatherperson wrong! Instead of the weather reflecting my mood (what do we call that, kids?), it was stunning sunshine. I met the Club Mud crew at the parking lot of McKenzie Bight before launching into Hartland Dump and Mt. Work, in that order. We played through the trails of Hartland, finding tons of single track - if only gym run class could be held here, would students ever have a different view on running. We were all kids this morning. Jumping, twisting, dodging limbs of trees that stretched out in an attempt to grab us (sometimes successfully). The Choose Your Own Route day lead us deep into the dump before we emerged at the base of the climb to the summit of Mt. Work. Some called it a day (smartly) for differing reasons, but those that climbed the Mt. Work for the next 17:25-26:00 minutes were rewarded with a spectacular view of Tod Inlet and a feeling of having completed likely the hardest of the clinic. My spirit returned and while I have a two hour and forty minute run in my legs, I am looking forward to the Sooke 10k tomorrow. It shall be an interesting endeavour as most of the fastees are over on the mainland for the Vancouver Sun Run. This leaves fewer people to chase, although I am sure that there will be no shortage of quick people on the line tomorrow. I hope that I am one of them.

Sessions - 6
Duration - 7:33
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