Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Low Level

As I return from a foray in Vancouver, I am stuck with a low level something. Not sure if it is a cough, cold, sinus or lung infection, but something that is causing me to hack and generate phlegm and carry a sore throat with me. Oh well, it could be worse.

My conference was amazing, as usual, but it left little time for running. Sunday was a 25 minute wobble around Coquitlam as my butt and hips were very tender from all the downhill in the Gutbuster. Tender to the touch, I tried to work the kinks our with a gentle run. It worked to a degree, but as the "illness" had found me on Saturday night, I wasn't feeling all that hot.

Monday turned into a day off with the "sickness" sticking around and me being swamped. Instead of running I watcher the Canucks win and did some marking.

Last night, returning home, I was able to get out to the waterfront and run. By now my muscles had recovered well and my run felt quite good. I felt smooth and a little quick, although that may be because I had lost awareness of speed over the past few days. I continued to take my 7systems supplements to help with recovery and anti-oxidants, and had thrown in some Astragulus Combo and Cold Fx, so I am stabilizing the "cold". Sunday is the big day, so I have a little time for things to come around. And then the big training begins...
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