Sunday, August 10, 2008

At the ENDURrun

So, this was what I was supposed to be writing...

Today went well.  I felt controlled and let Bob take the early lead.  30 seconds separate us, but I just wanted to cruise for the first stage, knowing that the real race starts after the rest day.  The weather was great for running and it was great to see old friends.  

However, what I am writing is...

Today went well.  I actually took a few (little) running strides after watching Bob take the Gold Jersey.  I am enjoying my time here, but do miss the competition.  However, the fact that the camaraderie of the runners makes it enjoyable to be here speaks to the quality of the event.

It is good to be here at the ENDURrun again, even if I am not running.  Lloyd, the race director, has been kind enough to entrust the reporting of the event to me.  I am responsible for writing and video.  The writing I know.  The video is another story!  I edited the 13 minute video for about 6 hours today!  The next video will be 25 seconds long.

As far as the foot goes, the past few days have been good.  It is over a month since the injury, and things are moving forward.  I feel it getting better and hope that I will be running within three weeks.  Not training running, but getting back into it.  Fortunately I am able to get treatment from Jason Price each day at the ENDURrun (he owns and manages Price Health Centre with his wife).  I am still optimistic and being at the ENDURrun is stoking the fire for later.

Other than that I have been enjoying spending time with my family, Sonja's family and our friends, old and new.  I had the chance to meet young Kate Ballard Taylor and reconnect with young Isobel Grace Bentley.  Both babies are beautiful and wonderful and I am happy that my friends change their diapers and I don't.  

A big shout out to Tool (aka. Jason Knickle), who is not only housing me right now, but completed his first ever running race today - a half-marathon, nonetheless.  A great accomplishment for a guy who took up running only a year ago.  As well, a huge good luck to our Olympic triathletes who are leaving for China.  It is a wide open race for the men and ripe for a Canadian to be on the podium.  The women have a tougher time as there are two women who are dominate, but with this sport, anything can happen on any day.  All our women have the talent to make the podium!  

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