Sunday, August 31, 2008

Moving On Up!

2% grade for 22 minutes, with the least amount of pain thus far. I wanted to step up the pace to faster than the 4:23 min/km I was going, but held off, keeping in mind that I am not building fitness at this time, but rather I am trying to get my foot used to running again.

I also completed Workout A from The Original Turbulence Training program by Bally. I am kind of getting back into the idea of working out, but more so because it is not the traditional Chest and Back program that I knew in university. The workouts are dynamic and quick, full body movements that mirror many traditional sport movements, especially running (I guess you don't do many Chin Ups in the middle of a 25k trail run, but the core strength should keep me more upright). I will continue to detail my workouts as well as my running and see how Turbulence Training benefits me throughout the fall and winter. If you are interested at all in it, please drop me a line or follow the links.

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