Monday, August 25, 2008

Nine Minutes

Sonja and I had decided to go to Tofino for a couple of days this week, but after looking at the weather forecast, we decided that staying closer to home might be better. Dryer, warmer, better. Tofino is amazing, but we will go in better weather (or go specifically for the storms).

That means that I will get the opportunity to continue with my cross training and RUNNING. Yes, you read it here first (although I am not sure where else you would read it), but I ran for 9 minutes on the treadmill on Saturday. It was not pain free, but the pain I felt would be better described as a dull bruise. It was a treadmill run, so the impact was greatly reduced, and I was running 10 minutes/mile, so it wasn't too speedy. But it was left-right-left, for more than 20 meters. Small victories, but important ones. For the past six weeks, my sanity has been saved by the wonderful strength programs given to me by Trevor and Craig Ballantyne. My enjoyment of their strength programs has motivated me to keep working the gym even after I can run. As I have mentioned before on here, if you want fantastic strength programs that are well-developed and research based, I would highly recommend both of these fine gentlemen. They are honest and extremely good at what they do. In fact, athletes that Trevor worked with, both currently and in the past, had top 6 finishes at the just-completed Beijing Olympics! Anyway, enough with the advertising.

I had another x-ray done on my foot on the weekend, so I will hear about my healing this week from my doctor and chiro. I am looking for their blessing to begin the return to running program as there are a number of Cross-Country races that I would like to do this fall. I am not going to rush back to training before I am ready, but I hope that I am ready.
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