Friday, August 11, 2006

Ahh, this is why....


Toronto traffic sucks.

Sometimes we need to escape the bubble in which we live to see its beauty. Victoria, while incredibly beautiful, can become very small very quickly. The first thing I notice upon arriving back in Toronto was the amazing array of skin colours. Having grown up in a ethinically diverse community, and attending a high school that was very much the same, I miss that aspect of Toronto (and surrounding area) terribly.

However, this, I do not miss. A friday afternoon heading away from Toronto at 1:00pm. 1:00PM!! And this was the less busy direction. Had we been going toward Barrie, we would have been done for!

This was near Whitby, home of Craig Taylor. The traffic eased up a later, but man, just seeing it sends shivers down the spine. Oh, simple Victoria, sometimes I love thee.
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