Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stage 6 - 10k Time Trial

Note: My friends Jay and Danielle are here, and there is a BBQ at Lloyd's house tonight, so I endeavour to write more about the day later tonight.

Abstract (ok, short post).

Started second to last in the time trial with Bob starting one minute behind me. One minute in front of me was Ken (of Canadian Mountain Running fame, and first finisher at the Stage 3 30k). I held Ken's stagger for the first while, and Ray, Bob's coach, was giving me feedback about Bob throughout. After 2k, Bob had made up 6 seconds on me. I went 3:25, 3:26, so he went faster. I stayed on my cadence and rhythm and trusted in my run. Over the next kilometer I gained back one second and then the next time I saw Ray I had gained one second on Bob (meaning I was getting time back). The next time I saw Ray, about 7k, he said I had a nine second lead on Bob. I kept working hard, knowing that would be the last split i got before the finish. Ken had held the stagger, running well so I knew I had done alright. I finished and waited for Bob.

1k - 3:25
2k - 3:26
3k- 3:38
4k - 3:32
5k - 3:33 (5k - 17:36)
6k - 3:32
7k - 3:31
8k - 3:35
9k - 3:37
10k - 3:30
Time - 35:24

I waited for one minute and six seconds. Bob ran 35:30. Ken had run 35:22. I had gained back six seconds on Bob, but more importantly, found my legs again. So, tomorrow will begin with Bob in the gold jersery and a 3:11 second lead (I think the official time yesterday way 3:17). That is about an 800m difference in the marathon. With everything going well, we are looking at a sub-3 marathon to win it tomorrow, for either of us. I will let you know.

Thanks to everyone for their incredible support and words of wisdom. They mean a lot to me.

Run well.
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