Thursday, December 06, 2007

Again to Carthage

If you have not had the chance to read "Once A Runner" by John L. Parker, good luck. Try a library, or if you are a bit more nerdy like I am, you can spend $50-$150 for this cult paperback (it is reported that there are only 100 000 in print). A novel about a young runner named Quentin Cassidy, it is a favourite among runners for the ability that Parker has to render the running experience into words.

Now, the long awaited sequel has been released. Actually, it was released a little while ago, but I just found out. I found out as I was loading my iPod with podcasts for my run this evening (a 30 minute EZ run toward town and back), and saw that Endurance Planet had an excerpt of the book as their podcast. Suh-weet. And it was.

Check it out here. (or use this url
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