Thursday, December 20, 2007

Misty Mountain Hop (Radiohead-style)

The most wonderful thing about snowshoe running is running downhill in powder.

The most terrible thing about snowshoe running is running uphill in the powder.


Downhill in Powder Fun > Uphill in Powder Terribleness

It was a fun, but very misty night atop Grouse last night, but the group was in fine spirits. Devoid of the views from last week, it became a surreal experience as we were actually running through cloud, over 1000m above Vancouver. The downhill was brilliant, as was the company of the leaders sharing a meal together at the "Bistro" (read: mid-price restaurant at the top of the hill).

And tonight, Xmas came early for me. I received the Radiohead "In Rainbows" discbox. It is a beautifully packaged vinyl and cd set of their latest album. I thought I had sent it to Pickering so that I would be sure to have it over the holidays, but I must have made an error and had it sent here. Thank you Santa! So tonight, it is me and Radiohead, snuggling* in the dark, as the vinyl plays for the first time.

*(I don't know how snugly Radiohead is, but you get the idea)
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