Sunday, December 16, 2007

Out and (not quite) Back

Last week I wasn't able to make it to Deep Cove as I had a two-hour self-imposed time limit, so about 1/3 of the way down the last descent into Deep Cove, I had to turn around. Today, with no plans on the "To Do List", I resolved to make it to the end of the Baden Powell Trail, which is also the end of the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run.

The run itself was good, but I didn't realize that it would take 1:20 to get to the end of the trail. Enroute I passed two, yes two, lost dogs. One came up to me whimpering, so I had to stop (my watch). I hung out with teh golden retriever for about 5 minutes. The dog had no tag, so I began to wonder how I was going to resolve this as I was only 8 minutes into my run. I could take the dog with me, or I could try to understand the motions the dog was making toward the torrent of mountain run-off cascading through the canyon 50m below. Oh damn, I thought, did your owner fall into the water, because that is way too crazy. Fortunately the owner came running back looking for her dog and all was good. I was off again.

The one great thing about hometown races is that you get to know the course so well. I am really getting to know the portion of the course from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove, but unfortunately for me that is the easiest part of the race.

The second lost dog wanted nothing to do with me, so I left it to its own devices. I tried (I DID!) to get it to come to me, I even faked treats, but it was having nothing to do with me, so I continued on.

The toughest part of the run was the 45 minute climb out of Deep Cove, starting the return to the car. I was hoping to even split the run, but there was little hope of the at as the way back is WAY harder. I had to make the "smart" decision to not complete the out and back, rather I took a short cut back to the car to finish the run in 2:40, instead of close to 3:00. This is "rest" time for me, and I had to remind myself of that and swallow my pride for my greater good.

But, unlike my friends and family in Ontario, there was now snow on the ground the 8 degree weather was just perfect.
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