Saturday, December 08, 2007

Frosty the Morning (and a Santa sighting)

This morning, the frost was very light on the windshield of my car. It flew off lightly as I quickly scraped, hurrying to get into the car and out of the frozen air. But with frost clinging to everything it touched, I knew that the car was not going to provide respite from the cold. I blasted the hot air and drove over to Lynn Canyon, to meet Eric for 8:00am.

Eric, and my new favourite trail running dog, Angus, rolled up at 8:00am and we were off. I had asked Eric to show me around the trails this morning, and with the goal of around 90 minutes, we were off.

We crossed the canyon a couple of times, over the Twin Falls (Idaho) bridge and the Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge.

The from the Twin Falls bridge this morning.

Angus, as nimble as he was over all other terrain, balked a couple of times at bridges and had to be brought over the suspension bridge. It was pretty funny to see him take on bigger dogs, but still need Daddy to help him over the bridge.

Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge. Eric with Angus in hand.

The brave warriors make it across in one piece.

The overnight frost did help make the run cleaner. Most of the mud pits that had been created from the heavy rains of the last week were frozen over. The rocks were a little slippery, but nothing that was of any concern.

Rice Lake - don't tell me it doesn't get cold out here

Eric and I talked the run away, exchanging stories about races, lost runners, and him telling me where we were. A beautiful, crisp morning for a run. And Angus changed some of the thoughts I had about little dogs. He was pretty awesome out there this morning.

And last night I watched a rerun of Corner Gas that I hadn't seen before. Corner Gas is a great Canadian comedy if you aren't watching it already. The reason I bring it up is that the writers featured "blogs" in the episode. They had the dim-witted character, Hank, start a blog. It was especially funny because they featured an inner monologue through his day, the inner monologue was the blog he was composing while going throught the activities of his day. I often find myself doing the same on my runs - what will I write about? What is something funny that I can make seem important? Anyway, check out "Hank Talkin".

Oh yeah, I saw Santa today. Driving a bus. Weird. I took the picture stealthily, not wanting to upset him in the middle of his route.

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