Monday, December 10, 2007

The Place Where Everyone Knows Everyone Else's Name

A day off today. A visit to the chiro. An understanding that everyone in this town is connected. Dr. Pelly ran with Eric at SFU and the band that Tasha, the receptionist at The Pelly Clinic, is going to see tonight is Bedouin Soundclash, who are friends with Adam.

I feel lonely.

Yesterday was a great two hour run along the Baden-Powell trail toward Deep Cove. It ended up great, but it didn't start out well, with me swearing loudly after only 5 minutes. I had twisted my right ankle on the first downhill and I wasn't sure that I would be able to run back to the car, let alone for another 1:55. But after running back up the hill, cursing the air and ground, the ankle started to feel better. It might have been the cold air numbing the pain, or I may have been a baby, but I turned around and went back down the hill and finished the run.

I didn't quite make it to Deep Cove, but maybe next time. This cold weather is keeping me well bundled, but I don't mind it too much. It reminds of late night runs in Hamilton where I would run a video back to Jumbo Video and then run up the escarpment and home, usually following Yoda.

I am looking forward to snowshoeing on Wednesday! Hopefully there will be more snow on Grouse this time!
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